• Can I cancel or change my appointment?


    To cancel or manage any appointments online, you must have an account with our BrowChica booking site. Once you've logged on, (if you have trouble from your phone, click “full site” tab) visit the 'My Account' tab and select 'Appointments' where you'll be able to view and change your previously made appointments.


    If you don't have an account with Browchica.com, in order to cancel an appointment you must create one.


    Be sure that when creating your account to use the same information (email, name etc.) that you previously used to book your appointment(s). Once you've created your account, follow the before mentioned instructions and you'll be able to see and manage any appointments you've created with the corresponding contact information.


  • Are children allowed at Brow Chica Brow Bar?


    We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to liability & safety issues, we do not allow unsupervised children to be present while you are having a service done. While we are concentrating on doing your service, neither you, nor we, can see what your child is doing. We feel the chance that they will wander off, injure themselves, or disturb other clients, etc. is not worth the risk.


    We have had several occasions where these types of scenarios have occurred including a child pulling a hot wax pot off the station, bumping the chair causing an employee to wax too much brow off the client, and bolting into an area of the salon where body waxing is being conducted. You are welcome to bring a friend to supervise your child/children or visit us on a day when you can come alone.


    We take our jobs very seriously and only want to provide you and our other clients with our undivided attention and quality services without being preoccupied with distractions. While you may have well-behaved children, this is not the case for everyone and allowing some children and not others is not fair to our clients either. Again, our apologies for any inconvenience.


    We appreciate your understanding, support, and continued business.


  • Does Brow Chica Brow Bar have a phone?


    All Browchica bookings are done online at.



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